Gla Grant Agreement

1. Subject to satisfactory approval of the plan for the program and in order to secure funding for the HIF program, it is agreed, in principle, that the Commission enter into a grant agreement with the GLA and a compensation agreement with U-I Limited so that the $10 million can be paid to IO. The obligations under the GLA grant agreement will also be transferred to IO if they do not meet or meet the requirements of the GLA contract and if the GLA wishes to recover the grant from the Commission. 2. Authorization to negotiate and sign final contracts for the grant agreement with the GLA and to compensate I-I to strategic directors for growth and sustainable opportunities in conjunction with the cabinet member for planning, investment and new housing and Council leaders. IMS training for tender documents has been added to the collection. We replaced the December 2017 data with recent Data from March 2018 in the updated allocation section. Council secured $10 million in government funding to provide additional housing and affordable infrastructure for the rehabilitation of the former fire headquarters by you and I Plc. To obtain this funding, the Council`s agreement is necessary to conclude two separate contracts with the GLA (which manages the financing of the HIF in London) and, secondly, with you and me who will be responsible for the use of the money. New guidance documents added: «Shared Ownership and Affordable Homes Programs 2016-2021 Contract for Registered Suppliers» and «Shared Ownership and Affordable Homes Programs 2016 to 2021 Contract for Registered Suppliers Consortiums.» Organizations that implement shared Ownership and Affordable Homes 2016-2021 programs must be qualified as HCA investment partners. Here are instructions on applying as an investment partner and the application form.

Updated to include the latest data in the «Attribution Updates» section.