Sample Employee Credit Card Agreement

If you are using the corporate credit card, you should: To ensure that all your bases are covered, your corporate credit card policy must contain a statement of intent, an area, a section on terms of use, restrictions and exceptions and define the disciplinary process. You cannot use the company`s credit card for unauthorized or personal expenses. Never withdraw money with the company`s credit card. You also cannot purchase large quantities of alcohol or drugs, weapons, pornography or fees for other adult entertainment. If you own or manage a business or not-for-profit organization, you may need to provide credit cards to certain employees. This gives employees a great deal of responsibility, so it is important to have a clear policy regarding the use of these business cards. The policy on the use of exemplary companies for credit cards can be downloaded here and amended if necessary for your organization. Sometimes we provide credit cards that can only be used for specific purposes (p.B. gas payment).

To download the credit card policy, simply click on the image below. It is open as a PDF document that you can edit. If you need help, read these tips. There are a few words that you need to fill out, z.B. the indication of the name of your company and the identification of the person or department to which the receipts are to be served. Read the policy carefully and remove all sections that aren`t about your business or that you don`t want to use. Add sections that should contain rules, but these should not be addressed in this example. 4. You are the only person authorized to use the card and you are responsible for all fees collected against the card. I am the above employee and I have received the credit card listed above, which is linked to the company`s commercial credit account («Card»), and I confirm that all my information is correct. By signing this agreement, I will agree to comply with the following conditions and to be bound to them: 2.

The card is reserved for commercial purchases. The card should not be used for personal or other purposes. This corporate credit card directive helps you put in place policies for employees who have the right to own a business card. Allow yourself to change this policy to meet the specific requirements of your organization. There is also a transaction limit of [$150] for most of our credit cards. For an exception, talk to [your director/finance/head of department/etc.] 1. The map is made available to district staff on the basis of their need to acquire goods and services related to the activity. A map can be revoked at any time due to a change in the assignment or location. The map is neither a claim nor a reflection on the title or position. This directive applies to all employees who have the right to use a business card. It also applies to employees who have the right to authorize the use of a business card for their team members.

7. Cardholders are responsible for reconciling their monthly statement and correcting any discrepancies by first going to the supplier, then the bank and finally the business office. We can tailor these limits to the specific requirements of your workstation. If you are unsure of your credit card limits, ask our accountant.