Advance Change Adjustment Agreement

The procuring entity may insert a clause that essentially corresponds to clause 52.243-7, notification of changes, appeals and contracts. The clause is mainly available for research and development or supply contracts negotiated for the acquisition of main weapons systems or main subsystems. If the amount of the contract should be less than $1,000,000, the clause may not be used unless the contract agent considers that there will be situations likely to lead a contractor to assert that the Government has made changes other than those marked in writing and signed by the contractor. (a) objective. This clause establishes a procedure by which the parties agree to modify this contract, in accordance with the amending clause of this contract, without appropriate adjustment of the contract price. The parties agree that any change that does not exceed the dollar amount (add a dollar amount) that does not affect the supply or performance plans of the contract or any other contractual clause, condition or condition, is a modification that does not affect the price of the contract. For cost contracts, there is no tariff adjustment for any change that does not exceed (add the dollar amount), which does not affect the supply or performance of the contract or the disposition of the contract. b) Self service (if applicable) In order to perform an online contract through Adjust`s self-service portal, the customer must register online with Adjust. The registration must be confirmed by Adjust by sending a confirmation email to the email address provided by the customer. there is no right to registration; Adjust expressly reserves the right to refuse registration without justification. The client`s adjust account is activated by the user by clicking on the activation link.

The user account is not transferable. The customer must keep the password secret and protect it from misuse by unauthorized third parties. 4. The contracting entity shall ensure that, where appropriate, a cost analysis is carried out in accordance with the provisions of paragraphs 15.404 to 1.c., and shall take into account the costs that can be separated from the modification by the holder, where applicable. If additional resources are needed as a result of the amendment, the contract staff must insure the funds before the contract is adapted. 2.3 The customer shall ensure and ensure that all personal data as well as other relevant contractual data provided by the customer at the time of the conclusion of this contract are complete and correct. The customer is obliged to immediately inform Adjust of the changes made to this data and/or to update the changed data in his user account. In the event of a culpable breach of this obligation, Adjust has the right to suspend the services after the prior announcement. (c) The contract agent may, in unusual or urgent circumstances, issue a change order electronically, without SF 30, provided that the notification contains essentially the information required by SF 30 and that measures are taken without delay to issue SF 30. 9.3 These confidentiality obligations do not apply to documents, information and data that are in the public domain or that are not subsequently made public by a party, that must be disclosed by law, court or administrative order, or that have subsequently been exempted from this obligation of confidentiality by a written agreement, by fax or e-mail.

There are a number of basic rules relating to the amending clause that have been developed by the courts and boards of appeal of the Treaty over the years. One of the fundamental principles is that a contractor cannot claim adequate accommodation if it voluntarily incurs additional costs or delays in performance rather than through measures taken by the State. [13] Another principle is that a contractor is not able to assert its right to an appropriate accommodation unless it demonstrates that its interpretation of the contract is appropriate. [14] In addition, the government is only responsible for changes ordered, approved or accepted by the contract agent or an authorized representative of the contract agent. . . .