Colorado Vfc Provider Agreement

The program requires the Senior Vaccine Coordinator, the Secondary Vaccine Coordinator, and the registration provider of each VFC vendor office to complete this training module annually. The course is recommended for all employees who work with the VFC program. The Vaccines for Children (VFC) program offers free vaccines for children who are uninsured, underinsured, medicaid or medicaidable and/or Alaskan Native/American Indian. There are more than 500 provider offices, municipal health centers, and local health authorities participating in the VFC program in Colorado. The Vaccines For Children (VFC) program is a publicly funded program that provides free vaccines to children who may not be vaccinated in the event of insolvency. CDC purchases vaccines at a discount and distributes them to fellows – that is, state health authorities and some local and territorial public health authorities – who in turn distribute them free of charge to private medical practices and public health clinics registered as suppliers of VFC. Children eligible for VFC* vaccines are entitled to vaccines recommended by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP). More. Contact your doctor to see if he or she participates in the Colorado VFC program. If your doctor is a participant, they can help you determine if you qualify for this program. If your doctor is not a VFC participant or you do not have a doctor, contact the local health authority in the county where you live.

All local health authorities in Colorado participate in the VFC program and can serve any child who qualifies. The Colorado Branch of Immunization in the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has more information about vaccination requirements for schools and VFC providers near you. If you have any questions about vaccination, contact the Colorado Branch of Immunization. Vaccines for Children (VFC) is a state-funded national program in Colorado that provides free vaccines to children who otherwise would not be able to be vaccinated in the event of insolvency. Vaccines for children and adolescents are made available free of charge to providers enrolled in the programme, who will then be able to offer the vaccine free of charge to qualified children. Eligible children can receive all vaccines recommended by the Center for Disease Control`s (CDC) Advisory Committee on Immune Practices (ACIP). NEW* The VFC program has developed its own annual training program. Your child is entitled to a VFC vaccine if they do so before their 19.19. It`s the birthday and if it`s one of the unused state-purchased vaccines must be returned to McKesson. Please refer to the following documents for the return of your VFC/317 vaccine. Free vaccines for eligible children by doctors enrolled in the VFC. Find out if your child is qualified.

VFC helps ensure that all children have a better chance of receiving their recommended vaccinations as planned, which means healthier children, families and communities. Vaccines For Children Program and Storage and Handling Training Module (2/5/2013) Training on program requirements including storage and handling of VFC vaccines Quick resource for parents (27.08.2012) The VFC programme helps provide vaccines to children whose parents or legal guardians may not afford them. Instructions for completing the annual VFC training certificate Participating in VFC reduces your costs out of pocket, as you don`t need to buy a vaccine for your eligible patients with your own money. . . .