St John Of God Enterprise Agreement Vic

The nominal expiry date of the Ramsay Health Care Enterprise Agreement was September 30. Negotiations began on Wednesday 7 October and the parties meet weekly. 11 (9) Notwithstanding the above-mentioned provisions of this clause, a nurse may, upon written request of a caregiver and subject to the agreement of the employer, work for his or her position outside of normal requirements. If such an agreement exists, the employer is not required to pay shiftwork or criminal allowances that would otherwise be payable. The employer and guardian may resign from such an agreement by advising the other party in writing. (10) The employer notes that permanent employment is the preferred form of engagement with nursing staff and that casual work and agency commitments are not the preferred methods of care support or related services. To this end, the employer will continue to minimize the use of casual and temporary workers in its establishments and will ensure that permanent facilitators are offered overtime, wherever possible, before recruiting casual or temporary workers. 17.PART-TIME (1) A part-time nursing worker shall be guaranteed a minimum number of hours per fourteen days. 2.

A part-time designated caregiver shall be paid at a weekly rate in proportion to the rate prescribed for the class of work in which he is employed only in the proportion in which his usual weekly working time is higher than the waiting average, up to 38 years of age. A part-time nurse is granted annual leave, sick leave, compassionate care leave and study leave in the same way as full-time caregivers. The remuneration of this leave is equal to that of his usual weekly hours, average over the waiting period, at 38. Provided that, when a part-time appointed caregiver is on accrued leave, the Divisor is 40 years. 3. A part-time nurse may work overtime by appointment: at normal rates, subject to the normal parameters of the roster of a full-time assistant and the provisions of this clause, in which case overtime shall be charged to the acquisition of leave entitlements; or ordinary rates (plus shiftwork or weekend work) plus a 20% charge, overtime not being charged to the acquisition of leave rights. (4) All part-time workers are required to decide in writing on the recruitment of the applicable scheme. Caregivers can change their chosen preference on the anniversary of their engagement by giving at least two weeks` written notice.

18. CASUAL (1) A casual worker shall pay 1/38 of the weekly base rate prescribed by clause 25 — wages for each hour worked, plus 20% of the additional charge. Provided that, during periods when an occasioned worker is required to pay overtime pay, the prescribed overtime pay is paid, but not the additional burden of 20%. . . .